An overview of the chronology of Schnellecke

01 June 1939
Freight forwarder Albert Schnellecke founds a freight forwarding company in the new City of the KdF Car as an official railway carter and furniture transporter.

01 September 1939
Start of World War II. Vehicles are confiscated for the German Armed Forces. Business is done with tractors, horses, and horse and cart teams. His wife Margarete helps out in the company. Their daughter Annegret is born in 1942 and their son Rolf in 1944.

May 1945
By the end of the war the company has been looted and the storage shed on the Fallersleber Road has been set on fire. The city is renamed Wolfsburg after the name of the local castle.

28 December 1949
Albert Schnellecke dies from the effects of pneumonia at the age of 47.

Margarete Schnellecke continues the small freight forwarding company under extremely adverse circumstances and at great personal sacrifice. Her son Rolf grows into his role in the company while still in school. The company continues to concentrate on railway carter forwarding and furniture transporting in the fast growing city of Wolfsburg.

Start of regional transports for Volkswagen.

The first freight forwarding building Am Güterbahnhof is built. At 22, Rolf Schnellecke joins his mother’s short-haulage company as a limited partner and founds the Rolf Schnellecke Company on May 1, 1968 after successfully completing the necessary exams for long haulage. The company is later expanded to a group of companies, and then converted to the Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG in 2007.

The first international transports are carried out with Rolf Schnellecke himself behind the wheel. Through a series of takeovers of companies with long-distance haulage licenses, national and international routes are established – with regular transports to Belgium, Yugoslavia, and Spain among others. After studying law and economics and passing the second state exam, Rolf Schnellecke takes on tasks in public administration and supports the strategic further development of the company. Margarete Schnellecke remains the soul of the company. The operative businesses in these second founding years are successfully led and expanded for many years by the managing directors Bernhard Pieninck, Gerhard Polomski and Jürgen Knoblau.

Opening of the new freight forwarding center in Wolfsburg-Sandkamp as the company headquarters. Start of logistics services for the automotive industry with pilot projects in picking, pre-assemblies and sequencing.

Since 1990
Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Transport Division takes over the former Sachsenring factory in Zwickau and the Barkas factory in Chemnitz, Germany. A freight forwarding network is set up in Saxony. Building of logistics supply centers in Glauchau and Zwickau. Additional branches are founded in the new German federal states.

The Karosseriewerke Dresden (KWD) is taken over and a new pressing plant is built in Radeberg. In the following years further subsidiaries are founded in Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland and China for the manufacturing of car body parts.

Since 1995
Founding of overseas company sites in South Africa, Mexico and Brazil. At the same time, building up of new core competences of CKD and (pre-) assembly processes, and establishing of logistics branches in Western and Eastern Europe.

Nikolaus Külps, Rolf Schnellecke’s son-in-law, and Dr. Tim Kannewurf, Rolf Schnellecke’s nephew, are the third generation to take on responsibility in the family-owned company. In the same year, Schnellecke China in Dalian was founded.

n the occasion of Margarete Schnellecke’s 95th birthday, the Margarete Schnellecke Foundation is established with the goal of helping the elderly and those in need.

Founding of Schnellecke Russia

Margarete Schnellecke dies at the age of 100 in December 2005. She was at the head of the company for 56 years.

The group of companies with the legal form of AG & Co. KG has been led by Nikolaus Külps as the CEO since 01 January 2007.

Since 2007
The Lehman crisis also hits the company hard; however, it has been growing again since 2010. Since finishing his term as Lord Mayor of Wolfsburg at the end of 2011, Rolf Schnellecke has been supporting the work of the company as the chairperson of the Supervisory Board and Advisory Board.

Founding of Schnellecke USA

Founding of Schnellecke India

Prof. Rolf Schnellecke transfers shares of the family company to the third generation.

Two anniversaries are celebrated in this year. Schnellecke was founded 75 years ago, and the Karosseriewerke Dresden (KWD) has been in existence for 150 years.

Under the key term of “Industry 4.0”, the working methods and the cooperation models in automotive logistics, which are becoming more and more digital, are changing. In the framework of this digital transformation, Schnellecke will design its service portfolio in a future-oriented way and therefore founded the Schnellecke Digital Innovation GmbH.

In order to take advantage of the strategic advantage of a global brand, the Schnellecke Management Board has decided to integrate Seglo into the Schnellecke Logistics umbrella brand. For 19 years, Schnellecke has not only been the largest regional employer within the Schnellecke Group in Mexico under the Seglo brand with around 7,000 employees, it is also the only company that has not yet appeared in its market under the Schnellecke brand.

September 2017
Together with the local logistics company CDC Logistics, Schnellecke has founded the joint venture CDC Schnellecke Logistics Company, Ltd. based in Shanghai. Both companies hold 50% of the joint venture.

The joint venture provides logistics services for OEMs and Tier1 producing in China.

January 2018
Schnellecke accelerates the strategic development of the use of automated and autonomously controlled transport systems by founding GS Fleetcontrol, a 50/50 joint venture with Götting KG. The aim of the cooperation is the joint development, marketing and licensing of a control station software TransportControl as well as consulting services within the scope of the professional introduction and process integration of driverless transport systems.

June 2018
Together with Ubimax, the specialist for wearable computing and augmented reality solutions, Schnellecke won the Automotive Logistics Award Europe 2018 in the Cooperation category. With their jointly developed X-Pick solution, Schnellecke and Ubimax have improved logistics in the areas of performance, costs and efficiency and thus convinced the jury.

December 2018
On the occasion of the annual gala reception, Rolf Schnellecke was ceremoniously admitted to the Logistics Hall of Fame® on 05 December. As an outsourcing clock generator and innovator in automotive logistics, he was honored with standing ovations from over 250 guests. In his speech, Rolf Schnellecke thanked his employees, without whom the company would not be so successful today.

The Logistics Hall of Fame® honors international personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the further development of logistics and supply chain management. In addition, it pursues the purpose of documenting outstanding achievements in logistics and initiating innovations.

January 2019
As part of its "Schnellecke as module supplier" initiative, Schnellecke analyses the situation in terms of strategy, resources and responsibilities and collects information on standards and processes. On this basis and from the collected knowledge of comparable projects, a new know-how structure was built up and a new business scenario developed. By winning the tender for the Volkswagen Golf 8 centre console, Schnellecke has succeeded in advancing successfully into this new segment after intensive work.

JUNE 2019
Among the record number of 233 submitted innovations from 37 countries and 25 industries, Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG won this year's SAP Innovation Award in the Process Innovator category. We applied with the smart IoT container tracking, which we successfully introduced for our customers in Wolfsburg. With smart IoT container tracking, Schnellecke is able to make a reliable statement about the location and status of JiS containers at any time without human intervention. All parties involved in the supply chain have full transparency in real time, bottlenecks can be identified early and enable proactive action. With this solution, Schnellecke has further increased customer satisfaction.

Official opening of our CKD center in Soltau

Start of the Schnellecke packaging center for the AUDI AG with 90 new jobs.

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