Schnellecke Logistics Spain: integration of people with impairments

Since 2012 Schnellecke Logistics España has been working together with Can Casas, a project for the integration of people with impairments.

So-called CKV cases are needed for CKD shipments. The problem is that they have a relatively high volume and therefore cause high costs when delivered to the site. That is why Schnellecke España decided, in coordination with the manufacturer of the cases to assemble them on site.

This created jobs that can also be performed by people with various impairments. Three times a week the team at Can Casas comes to Schnellecke with five people each time. They take on the assembly of the cartons as well as partition inserts when compartments are necessary.

Schnellecke Logistics South Africa: 70 disabled youths supported

Through a partnership with the Siyaya Skills Institute in Port Elizabeth, thirty students with physical impairments were supported in achieving the “General Education and Training Certificate for Hygiene and Cleaning” that they were striving for. An additional ten students started their training for the “National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Distribution” and were able to gain practical experience for one year at Schnellecke. Furthermore, forty of the students employed at Schnellecke obtained the “National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Distribution (Warehousing)".

Schnellecke Logistics Duisburg: employment of people with impairments

Sixteen people with impairments have been employed at Schnellecke Logistics in Duisburg since 2015. As part of a team they package automobile parts for CKD shipment. Schnellecke is aiming to fill a total of twelve such positions. The employees, the majority of whom are mentally impaired, work five hours per day and are brought to work in the morning by a shuttle service and picked up again in the afternoon. Schnellecke set up a special workplace for the new employees. There, the employees also package high-quality parts. It is ensured that the material is easy to handle and changes every once in a while so that the work does not become too monotonous.

Social Issues

The employees play an important role in logistics in general and at Schnellecke in particular.

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Fitness First

Schnellecke does a lot for the health of its employees.

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We support talented people

Mentoring and supporting talented people – there are numerous programs for this at Schnellecke.

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Corporate Citizenship

Schnellecke’s plant management and employees are regularly involved in the social environment and contribute to making the community worth living in.

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