Investments in the further training of our employees

Through numerous programs, the Schnellecke Group offers its employees further training and qualification opportunities on all levels of the company.

  • articipants in the international management trainee program have the chance to get to know Schnellecke at a national and international level. The individual components of the program are customized according to the trainee and to the requirements of the respective company site. The international management trainee program prepares the participants for specialist and management tasks domestically and abroad.
  • In the framework of individual qualification programs in regular target agreement meetings, employees and their HR consultant jointly identify the activities that will qualify them for the professional execution of their tasks. On this basis, an individual development plan tailored to the employee is developed with the associated training courses and workshops for qualification.
  • Various management programs impart new method and specialist knowledge and support the development of leadership competence in order to be able to fulfill the diverse and challenging tasks at Schnellecke in the best possible way.
  • The General Management Program is aimed at upper-level management. Among other things, it includes topics such as leadership and communication in change processes, project and lean management, as well as finances and a series of additional seminars which are oriented on the respective requirements of the individual person.


The Schnellecke Talent Management Program

Mentoring and developing talented employees from within the company and preparing them for a job in management – this is the goal of the Talent Management Program. It identifies talented junior staff at the business units and develops their abilities in order to in this way fill vacant positions from our own ranks whenever possible. Instead of filling a management position externally and thereby risking that the candidate does not fit into the Schnellecke culture, we rely rather on our own employees who have internalized our way of thinking and acting.

At the beginning of the program, the participants go through a potential analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, an individual learning and development program that consists of joint and individual seminars, training courses, and additional learning opportunities is developed with all participants. This includes, for example, working on corporate projects, the joint reflection on management tasks with the learning partner, establishing new contacts in the group, and joint studying with a mentor (managing director).

The participants have eighteen months for the implementation of the ambitious project and development goals. As part of the job rotation, many of them will go to another Region and also into a completely new logistics department.

Social Issues

The employees play an important role in logistics in general and at Schnellecke in particular.

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Fitness First

Schnellecke does a lot for the health of its employees.

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Integration? Yes, please!

How Schnellecke supports people with disabilities.

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Corporate Citizenship

Schnellecke’s plant management and employees are regularly involved in the social environment and contribute to making the community worth living in.

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