Examples of health promotion activities in recent years

  • The Schnellecke fitness program for flexible use – an agreement with an upscale fitness studio association according to which a Schnellecke employee only has to pay twenty euros per month instead of the usual fifty to eighty euros. The rest is contributed by Schnellecke.
  • Health training for truck drivers with practical tips for a healthy diet on the road and exercises to counteract the one-sided strain of often sitting for very long, as well as nutrition counselling for alternatives to burgers and other fast food. Furthermore, the drivers were informed about the connection between diet and performance and responsiveness behind the wheel.
  • Employees looking to lose weight were able to put this into practice by taking advantage of special rates at Weight Watchers negotiated by Schnellecke.
  • In the “Leadership and Health” seminar, managers learned that good leadership makes employees healthier. Employees who experience acknowledgement and appreciation and receive freedom to act not only feel better, they are ill less often.
  • Employees at the sites were coached directly at their workplaces on working in a back-friendly way by physiotherapists. They gave tips for proper lifting and carrying, and recommendations for improving the design of workplaces. Furthermore, interested employees were trained as coaches for ‘active breaks’.
  • Health Days with back muscle measurements, presentation on healthy eating, and stress tests.
  • Seminars on nutrition, movement/ergonomics and stress management for all apprentices in their first year of apprenticeship.
  • Training course for the Wolfsburg canteen personnel with the goal of being able to offer a healthy and light meal every day according to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Association.

Social Issues

The employees play an important role in logistics in general and at Schnellecke in particular.

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We support talented people

Mentoring and supporting talented people – there are numerous programs for this at Schnellecke.

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Integration? Yes, please!

How Schnellecke supports people with disabilities.

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Corporate Citizenship

Schnellecke’s plant management and employees are regularly involved in the social environment and contribute to making the community worth living in.

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