"I really appreciate how much trust has been placed in me"

Markus Schneider, Quality Assurance Manager in Bremen

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How did you come to join Schnellecke?

“I already got to know Schnellecke during a school internship in the ninth grade. At that time I gained my first job experience in the CKD department in Fallersleben. I really liked it there, and that is why, when I passed my school leaving examinations (Abitur) in 2007, I started and eventually successfully completed an apprenticeship as a business management assistant for forwarding and logistics services at Schnellecke. After completing my apprenticeship, my alternative civil service was set to start, so I worked as a packager in Fallersleben to bridge the three month gap.

After my alternative civil service, I did a half-year internship in Quality Assurance at Volkswagen in South Africa and then studied Transport and Logistics Management. After completing my studies I then contacted Schnellecke again, and the International Trainee Program was recommended to me, which was very interesting to me because of the varied assignment opportunities. After my successful application and passing the assessment center, I was involved in various interesting projects at the sites in Wolfsburg, Dingolfing, Berlin, Tuscaloosa in Tennessee, and Soltau during the Trainee Program. While I was in the USA, I met Christian Löschen and became reacquainted with Carla Osteroth, who I had known from my apprenticeship, and we moved in together and shared an apartment. We are continuing this successful concept of working and living together at the Soltau site as well.”


How did you end up in the Quality Assurance department?

“As a native of Wolfsburg, I had my first points of contact with the automotive industry at a very early age, and I was practically born into the Quality Assurance department due to my family. Various internships, but also my assignment in Quality Management in Wolfsburg as a trainee, increased my interest in it, and therefore it was only logical for me to take on the Quality Assurance department here in Soltau.

Right after the end of my year as a trainee I now manage a department here with a staff of seven employees and the corresponding responsibility. I really appreciate how much trust has been placed in me by giving me such a management position. I feel very comfortable in my position, am slowly growing into it, and see a lot of potential for me to develop further. 

Until this point I had only approached the topic of Quality through learning by doing. This is now being formalized. Schnellecke is paying for an extra training for me as Quality Management Officer and then as Quality Manager. But no qualification can prepare you entirely for what you experience in practice.”


What is so special about Schnellecke?

“If you show the proper commitment then you can achieve a lot at Schnellecke. Personal initiative is of course necessary, but then you will be promoted accordingly. These are some of the things that I value about Schnellecke. And of course the sense of family. Schnellecke is a family-owned company, and we are also forming a little family here. In this sense it can truly be said that Schnellecke is something quite special.”