Are You an Innovator? – Tell Your Story

Schnellecke is a finalist for the SAP Innovation Award 2019.

This appeal by SAP was addressed to all companies that are driving innovation with SAP products or technologies. The focus is on new ways of thinking, the improvement of processes, as well as the use of new technologies.

Schnellecke supplies automotive parts just in sequence to its customers’ production processes. Until recently, there was no detailed insight into the cross-company JIS delivery process, which meant that business units were unable to answer questions like these:

  • How many delivery orders have to be processed today?
  • Are the right containers being delivered to the right production station in the right order?
  • Are our inventories sufficient to carry out these orders?
  • When do we have to refill which products at the customer’s premises?
  • Are customer complaints about missing or incorrect deliveries justified?  
  • What turnover and margins do we achieve per order/day/week/month?
  • What costs do we incur in our JIS business, and what are the cost drivers?

Karsten Keil, IT Group Division Director, has picked up the ball and, under the heading "Using the potential of digitalization for just-in-sequence logistics", submitted the IoT pilot "Sensor-controlled monitoring of JIS traffic in real time" for the SAP Award.

The SAP Innovation Committee was so impressed by the following arguments in favor of the project that Schnellecke was accepted by the committee as a finalist from among the applicants.

The challenge in this project is the possibility to use an operational dashboard to gain a detailed real-time insight into the routing and utilization of shipments. This makes the flow of goods transparent for all parties involved – both at Schnellecke and at the customer’s, increases operational efficiency, and provides customers with a new level of service quality.

For this purpose, Schnellecke equipped its JIS containers with tracking devices and implemented an indoor positioning system, as well as the necessary SAP cloud platform including the SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation. This ensures real-time transparency of the logistics services. The SAP Analytics Cloud is used to continuously monitor customer benefits and the turnover generated within the system environment.

As a result, Schnellecke and its customers have the same real-time information on the flow of goods at their disposal. Customers can track the delivery status and distribution of goods in their plants. The end-to-end transparency in the JIS process enables Schnellecke to identify possible disruptions and bottlenecks in advance and to implement corrective measures in a timely manner in order to avoid or mitigate delivery problems.

Schnellecke intends to achieve innovation and technology leadership in Automotive Supply Chain Management by offering its customers unparalleled service quality in the field of JIS – thereby laying the first milestone in its comprehensive digitalization strategy.