Schnellecke Logistics Mexico moves into a newly built office building

On the outskirts of Puebla you will find the newly built office building of Schnellecke. Carsten Sievers, Head of Facility Management, provides information.

Puebla is the fourth the largest City in Mexico after Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. It is the capital of the state of the same name and is located only about 130 kilometers east of Mexico City. The volcanoes Popocatépetl, Iztaccíhuatl and La Malinche, three giants with heights of around 5000 meters, are in the immediate vicinity.

On the northern outskirts of Puebla you will find the JINT Industrial Park - and there the newly built office building of Schnellecke Logistics Mexico.

Carsten Sievers, Head of Facility Management

Carsten Sievers, Head of Facility Management, provides information about the special features of the office complex:

In April 2018, the construction of the now completed building started. Already in September, the move from the old location in Puebla to the new premises was completed. Where is the seat now?

The new building complex is located in a new industrial park near the VW plant in Puebla. Our previous office building was not so representative and was no longer enough space. In addition, it was only rented and will be used in future by the landlord in own use. For this reason, we decided to build a new office building according to our requirements.

What are the requirements in detail?

First and foremost we wanted to have enough space. Our new office building extends over two floors and comprises approx. 1800 m² including canteen and terrace. In the so-called open space area there are various meeting rooms, meeting points as well as separate office areas and offices. There are also plenty of parking spaces available on the property. Foresighted, the building can easily be raised by one floor at any time. In addition, the construction of a logistics hall and a training center would be possible on the property.

What special features were taken into account in the construction of the building?

Two important points are sustainability and efficiency. The building has ventilation and air conditioning, LED lighting, double glazed windows with sunshades and a well designed utility water concept. This means that the water supply is ensured by large storage areas under the parking lots. These include the retention of useful water and the use of rainwater for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Accessibility is ensured by the entrance area on the ground floor, the elevator and the disabled sanitary facilities. With these upscale building standards, we offer our employees a modern work environment with a future perspective.

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