Schnellecke is logistics partner for BMW in San Luis Potosí

In addition to the reliable supply of the BMW factory, Schnellecke is also responsible for maintaining a good partnership with the regional educational institution.

As a logistics partner, Schnellecke is responsible for the reliable production supply of the BMW factory. In addition to receiving, repacking and storing the vehicle parts, sequencing and supplying the production line are the demanding tasks of the approximately 600 Schnellecke employees.

Schnellecke supports a regional vocational school in San Luis Potosí with a donation. The handover took place during a ceremony in the buildings of CONALEP (Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica).

"We would like to do our part to further improve the environment and learning conditions here in San Luis Potonsí and in this way contribute to the education of the young people. In addition, we would like to thank the local population, who have always welcomed us and opened all doors to us," says Daniel Dávila, site manager.

We are strengthening our relationship with the educational institution in order to offer future graduates open positions and thus promote their professional development at Schnellecke. "This connection is very important for Schnellecke. It is linked to constant cooperation and support".