The Schnellecke Magazin 2019.1 is published

The new print edition of the company magazine is currently being distributed at the Schnellecke locations. It is already available online for those interested. These topics can be expected.

"The dynamics with which the company is developing are unbroken," Nikolaus Külps sums up in the foreword to the current edition of Schnellecke Magazine. The CEO of Schnellecke Group not only confirms this in the existence of the company, which will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019. Rather, it has been the milestones set in the past year as well as the numerous new projects that were actively tackled.

In addition to the title theme, which deals with the order won as a module supplier of center consoles for the Golf A8, readers can expect in this magazine, among other things, the initiative of our in-house programming framework "Schnellecke iX+", the founding of the group division "OpEx" as well as the "complex and challenging" SMP bumper project of our colleagues from Györ (Hungary).

On 60 pages the magazine deals with different topics and reports from the Schnellecke world.

- This link - will lead you to the digital edition 2019.1.

We hope you enjoy reading it.