The Schnellecke Magazine 2019.2 is published

The new print edition of the company magazine is currently being distributed at the Schnellecke locations. It is already available online for those interested. These topics can be expected.

Schnellecke is responsible for the entire In-House factory logistics of the sports car manufacturer Lamborghini. For the current edition of the Schnellecke magazine, we took a guided tour of the factory near the Italian city of Bologna. It was immediately clear: Design rules here! And not only because of the many legendary vehicles that leave a lasting impression.

Edition 2019.2 also deals with the Glauchau location, which was faced with major challenges due to the production changes initiated by VW - towards a multi-brand location for e-mobility. With the "SLS Zukunft" retraining programme, a solution has now been devised to ensure that location development and employment security are guaranteed. The focus is on the development of the company in order to master the challenges of the future.

In addition, we talked to those responsible at the Soltau location about the pilot project "Gefachesteckroboter" - an industrial robot - and investigated the question of why a plant called "Tatjana" helps to regulate forklift traffic at the Bremen location.

Via - this link - you can access the web version of the current edition 2019.2.

We hope you enjoy reading it.