Module assemblies: industry leaders

Module assemblies are taking on a more and more important role in the logistics process chain of the automotive industry. Schnellecke has developed industry-leading unique selling points in this field. We assemble individual components to complete modules in our supply centers in close proximity to our customers. Our Project Planning is usually responsible for the development of the assembly process.

We assemble modules as an extended workbench or as a module supplier and deliver them in sequence, for example for OEMs and first tier suppliers:

  • Exhaust gas systems
  • Axles/wheel mounts
  • Exterior mirrors
  • Brake lines
  • Cockpits
  • Corner modules
  • Headliners
  • Radiator shells
  • Center consoles
  • Bumpers
  • Tanks
  • Door panels

Complete service package for module assemblies

Thanks to our many decades of experience in module assembly and sequencing, we can deliver to you a tailored, complete solution for your assembly processes which is based on a comprehensive view of the required processes, from the assembly planning and IT structure, to quality assurance, and including the delivery of the finished modules. We bundle the flows of goods, check the supply chain upon request, and monitor all process steps in compliance with ISO 9001.

Our skilled employees also carry out for you complex pre-assemblies and module assemblies with a high number of variants. Large quantities are not a problem for us. We assemble reliably and with the highest quality and subsequently deliver the components just-in-sequence to the production lines – directly to the respective stations. This reduces the complexity in our customers’ production and contributes to further optimizing their processes.

Among other things, our complete service package for module assemblies includes:

  • Process planning
  • Procurement of the components
  • Pre-logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Module assembly
  • Compiling of kitting bins
  • JIS and JIT deliveries


System partner of large manufacturers

Schnellecke is a system partner of large automobile manufacturers with the complete responsibility for the supply of production with modules. This means we are not just responsible for the assembly of individual parts to a complete unit and just-in-sequence delivery of these to the place of installation, but also for the purchasing of all individual parts. In addition, Schnellecke is also responsible for the complete scheduling, i.e. the pre-logistics, of all individual parts. This means that Schnellecke ensures that all parts are in stock on time, in sufficient quantities, and in the required quality.

As a module supplier we are also responsible for the supply of the production lines with kitting bins in which additional and attachment parts for the modules are packed, for example the footwell trims and parts such as covers, lids, and panels.

Production supply

The just-in-time delivery of individual parts to the place of installation is an essential success factor for efficient production.

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Well packed

The packaging of automotive parts for the transport to production plants overseas, including the complete shipping organization, is one of Schnellecke’s core competences.

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Optimization through sequencing

We sequence components and assemblies with modern picking systems in our multi-JIS centers close to the plants of more than forty first tier suppliers and seven OEMs.

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Quick Replacement

Schnellecke offers spare part logistics from a single source, from warehousing, to assembly, to shipping.

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