Packaging logistics: Comprehensive responsibility for your supply chain

Integrated logistics solutions, also in existing process chains: whether CKD, MKD or SKD – from packaging, to complex shipping organization – Schnellecke ensures the supply of production sites in quickly growing markets.

The packaging of automotive parts in shipment sizes for the transport to overseas production plants and the complex spare parts logistics, including the complete shipping organization and the necessary IT processing, are one of Schnellecke’s core competences. Due to our worldwide infrastructure and our presence also at the receiving factories, we can offer to take on the comprehensive responsibility of the supply chain for you. More than one million cubic meters – the volume of a cube with a length of 100 meters – of car parts are processed and sent annually from our sites in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, India and South Africa.

Use of cutting-edge technology

Up to 4,000 individual parts have to be properly assorted and packaged in as space-saving a way as possible. This can only be done with ultra-modern IT in the background. The employees in our CKD centers are therefore equipped with the latest technology, with whose help the correct components can be found quickly and without error. They are also supported by innovative picking procedures and the use of augmented reality in order to increase the speed of the picking and lower the error rate.

This is why Schnellecke places so much importance on the qualification of its employees, whose training already begins many weeks before a center is put into operation.

Your partner for CKD, MKD and SKD

CKD stands for completely knocked-down and means that cars are disassembled into their individual parts. CKD logistics ranges from the packaging planning according to the suppliers’ requirements, to the interim storage of prepacked and non-prepacked car parts and the picking of the individual orders in accordance with the program, up to the scheduling of the complete packaging materials. Schnellecke operates numerous CKD centers worldwide and, of course, also takes on the container handling and scheduling, the stuffing of the packaged goods, and the empties management.

We are also your reliable partner for medium knocked-down (MKD) and semi-knocked-down (SKD).

Production supply

The just-in-time delivery of individual parts to the place of installation is an essential success factor for efficient production.

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System partner for module assemblies

As an extended workbench for our customers or as a system partner we assemble individual parts to complete modules and deliver them just-in-sequence to the place of installation.

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Optimization through sequencing

We sequence components and assemblies with modern picking systems in our multi-JIS centers close to the plants of more than forty first tier suppliers and seven OEMs.

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Quick Replacement

Schnellecke offers spare part logistics from a single source, from warehousing, to assembly, to shipping.

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