Spare part logistics: Everything from a single source

Hardly any other sector of the logistics industry is as complex as spare part logistics. The high variety of parts poses the largest challenge here, since the availability of parts, short delivery times, and process reliability all have to be ensured.

Schnellecke also supplies your spare parts warehouse through well thought-out and tailored logistics with the support of SAP – from pure warehouse management to inventory management and the repacking into retail-specific packaging, to empties shipping and the assembly of kits – everything from a single source.

We know that the after-sales business is very important for customer satisfaction. Our logistics allows the individual processes to systematically mesh together in order to meet the increasing customer requirements in the supply of spare parts.

Production supply

The just-in-time delivery of individual parts to the place of installation is an essential success factor for efficient production.

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Well packed

The packaging of automotive parts for the transport to production plants overseas, including the complete shipping organization, is one of Schnellecke’s core competences.

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System partner for module assemblies

As an extended workbench for our customers or as a system partner we assemble individual parts to complete modules and deliver them just-in-sequence to the place of installation.

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Optimization through sequencing

We sequence components and assemblies with modern picking systems in our multi-JIS centers close to the plants of more than forty first tier suppliers and seven OEMs.

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