General Cargo: We ensure efficient transports

Our customers in other sectors also profit from our comprehensive know-how in the automotive industry. Whether consumer goods or industry products – with Schnellecke your deliveries always arrive at their destination reliably and on time.

In the field of general cargo we guarantee the flow of goods for customers in wholesale, the packaging industry, as well as in the chemical and plastics processing industries. We offer our customers individual transport solutions with the most modern volume vehicles and a direct contact person for the execution of transport jobs in Europe.

Our systems for quality assurance are, among other things, certified according to the regulations of DIN ISO 9001 and ensure professional project management. We naturally take on all customs formalities for international goods transports. Our customers receive access to an internet portal on which they can track their consignments at any time using GPS.

Our business activities portfolio in the field of general cargo:

Full Truck Load / Less Than Truckload

Full truck loads (FTL) are characterized by the fact that the quantity of goods of a transport is picked up from a shipping agent or consignor and is transported to a receiver under complete utilization of the means of transport without consolidation.

On the other hand, with less than truckloads (LTL), several shipments of one or more consignors are consolidated and then loaded onto a means of transport. Due to their size or the corresponding requirements of the shipping agents, LTL are usually not consolidated. However, they do not completely utilize the freight capacity of the truck and are therefore transported together with other partial loads or also with groupage freight.

We organize national and international FTL and LTL transports for many well-known companies from various industries and also carry these out in our own name using our standardized equipment.

Trailer yard concepts

The trailer yard concept is based on the decoupling of delivery and unloading processes. There is a pool of semitrailers that are exchanged by one or more companies in this pool according to agreed rules. The trailers are located at a collection point, the so-called trailer yard. Well thought-out trailer yard concepts save a lot of time and therefore costs.

Regular shipping services

Scheduled goods transports on firmly fixed and unchanging routes are defined together with our customers and carried out both nationally and internationally.

Procurement logistics

The job of procurement logistics is to supply the right amount of material to production on schedule. For decades, Schnellecke has ensured the supply of the production facilities of numerous global companies.

Distribution logistics

As a link between production and the downstream economic stage – the demand-side customer, distribution logistics is aimed at the external market supply. In this special field, we offer the design, management, and monitoring of all processes necessary in the sales process in order to transfer goods (finished products and commercial goods) from an industrial or trading company to its customers. The delivery service has a central role here.

Transport Services

We offer you a variety of logistics solutions, from regional forwarding, to trailer yard concepts.

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Automotive Logistics

We offer solutions tailored especially to your requirements, from warehousing to complete production logistics.

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Vehicle Fleet

Schnellecke has been a pioneer in the technical and ecological conversion of its vehicle fleet for years.

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Schnellecke is one of the companies that consistently relies on digitalization, not least because of the conservation of natural resources.

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