Schnellecke transport logistics services

As part of the Schnellecke Group we offer our customers a close interlinking of logistics and freight forwarding. With ultra-modern equipment, the latest IT, numerous innovations and a high level of standardization we individually and efficiently tackle your transport tasks.

Our customers include, among others, companies such as Volkswagen, Skoda, MAN, Scania, Audi, Volvo, Ford, Porsche, Daimler, Isringhausen, Tenneco, Magna and IKEA.

Regional forwarding

For regional forwarding we collect the consignments from our customers’ suppliers and take them to our consolidation warehouses. From there they are transported to our customers. Your advantage: you only have one contact person. We use our own fleet of vehicles and primarily our own drivers; there are no changing subcontractors.

Full Truck Load / Less Than Truckload

Full truck loads (FTL) are characterized by the fact that the quantity of goods of a transport is picked up from a shipping agent or consignor and is transported to a receiver under complete utilization of the means of transport without consolidation.

On the other hand, with less than truckloads (LTL), several shipments of one or more consignors are consolidated and then loaded onto a means of transport. Due to their size or the corresponding requirements of the shipping agents, LTL are usually not consolidated. However, they do not completely utilize the freight capacity of the truck and are therefore transported together with other partial loads or also with groupage freight.

We organize national and international FTL and LTL transports for many well-known companies from various industries and also carry these out in our own name using our standardized equipment.

Consolidated shipments

Goods from several different senders that are to be transported to several different receivers are collected into consolidated shipments. We consolidate the goods in our centers and deliver them in collected form to their destination.

General cargo consignments

We transport general cargo of all kinds. As part of an extensive network, you will receive reliable service from us for your purchasing or distribution in Germany and Europe.

Procurement logistics

The job of procurement logistics is to supply the right amount of material to production on schedule. For decades, Schnellecke has ensured the supply of the production facilities of numerous global companies.

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence transports

Just-in-time means providing goods at exactly the right time as they are required. Just-in-sequence characterizes the delivery of the necessary goods on time, in the right amounts and variants, and at the right place for their immediate processing.

With our JIT and JIS transports, Schnellecke ensures delivery synchronous to production and therefore contributes to our customers’ production reliability.

The right transport planning is the nuts and bolts of JIT and JIS transports. Our many years of industry experience facilitate the always smooth logistics process for the supply of your production lines according to your requirements and schedule. The just-in-time deliveries are planned to the minutest detail by us and managed by IT in order to ensure ongoing production at all times. The aspects of time-frame management, transit times and contingency plan also take on an especially important role.

Our in-house Schnellecke JIT System software also ensures the reliability of our JIT/JIS transports for which it was especially developed. Together with our own staff, it ensures strict compliance with the timetable and just-in-sequence deliveries.

Inter-plant transports

The trend towards the use of platform strategies can mainly be found in car manufacturing, but other industries are also taking up the concept. In-house component plants act as first tier suppliers. Transports do not take place with external suppliers but between the company’s own facilities. For many years Schnellecke has been carrying out inter-plant transports for major automobile manufacturers and is your reliable partner for this.

Trailer yard concepts

The trailer yard concept is based on the decoupling of delivery and unloading processes. There is a pool of semitrailers that are exchanged by one or more companies in this pool according to agreed rules. The trailers are located at a collection point, the so-called trailer yard. Well thought-out trailer yard concepts save a lot of time and therefore costs.

Vehicle Fleet

Schnellecke has been a pioneer in the technical and ecological conversion of its vehicle fleet for years.

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Automotive Logistics

We offer solutions tailored especially to your requirements, from warehousing to complete production logistics.

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