Innovation driver on the market

Schnellecke is one of the companies that consistently relies on digitalization, not least because of the conservation of natural resources. Furthermore, the increasing competitive pressure on the market makes innovation mandatory. Schnellecke sees itself as an innovation driver on the market, especially thanks to its cooperation with manufacturers. They implement ideas for certain features, which are then tested in practice by Schnellecke.

In this, the reduction of pollutant emissions plays an important role. The forwarding industry is one of the primary producers of air pollution, and Schnellecke wants to do whatever it can to reduce this.

However, the development is progressing at a very fast pace. As soon as there is a new technology, the next one is already being announced. As things currently stand, natural gas powered trucks are ecologically friendly and should be economically efficient, but the supply network for natural gas is non-existent, and the procurement of such a truck is associated with substantial extra costs. The result is that no one is investing and everyone is waiting to see how e-trucks develop. The field where no one is waiting is digitalization, through which many processes can be designed more efficiently.

Extensive digitalization

With the conversion of the Schnellecke fleet of trucks to the Trimble System, the driver’s driving and resting times that are to be archived are automatically read out by a GSM connection. Subsequently the Truck Fleet only has to take care of checking the incoming data for the compliance to legal regulations. Furthermore, the exact tracking of each and every transport is made possible by this.

At its site in Braunschweig, Schnellecke has changed over to trailer scheduling. In the city of Braunschweig alone there are four Schnellecke parking areas for about 300 mega-trailers. It is not always easy to find a certain vehicle there. Two employees used to go around every day to register and to determine the location of all mega-trailers. That is all in the past now – because Schnellecke now employs telematics for this. It only takes two minutes to find the pulled units. This is made possible by tractor unit identification that assigns each vehicle a unique identification number.

Trucks electrified

Electromobility and autonomous driving – Schnellecke is participating in the eJIT research project investigating the practical application of these technologies.

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Transport with Trimble

With a special on-board computer, Schnellecke not only optimizes routes but also motivates its drivers to drive ecologically.

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