eJIT: Electromobility and autonomous driving

At the beginning of 2016, IAV Automotive Engineering, Schnellecke Logistics, Volkswagen Saxony GmbH, Porsche Leipzig GmbH and the network of Saxon automotive suppliers started the eJIT project – a just-in-time logistics system on the basis of electromobility. The project is being carried out in the framework of the “Information and Communications Technology for Electromobility III: The Integration of Commercial Electric Vehicles in Logistics, Energy and Mobility Infrastructures” technology program in which the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is continuing the research activities in the field of the commercial use of electromobility.

This joint research project is planned for three years. The partners will develop an important contribution to reducing the local emission of exhaust gases, CO2 and noise pollution in road traffic around the automobile production sites.

Trucks are used as the predominant means of transport in the supply chains of industry. Even though the increasing level of networking and complexity makes it possible for suppliers to generate economic value, it also places special requirements on transport logistics, which are made more difficult due to the additional factors of environmental friendliness, sustainability, and cost efficiency. This is where the eJIT project comes in: Under the consortium leadership of the AMZ automobile network, the project partners aim to develop a pioneering role in the electrification of just-in-time logistics transports.

The combination of two modern technologies can offer an answer to the growing requirements on transport logistics, which are environmental friendliness and sustainability through electromobility, as well as cost efficiency through autonomous driving. The field test started at the beginning of 2017.

Highly automated driving

A second main focus of the eJIT research is driver-assisted driving scenarios all the way up to highly automated driving under practical conditions.

Two vehicles are being built for this. IAV is integrating future electromobility technologies into the semi-trailer tractors and is also installing new driver assistance systems into these project vehicles. The project vehicles equipped in this way are being put into use at the Saxony automotive industry locations in Zwickau at Volkswagen Saxony GmbH and in Leipzig at the Porsche Leipzig GmbH and tested under real-world conditions. The project therefore is putting the latest innovations, technologies, and systems for trucks onto the road and developing them further for practical use.

PnP Logistics 4.0

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