IT: Fast utilization of technological innovations

Logistics 4.0 – this means extensive digitalization. Schnellecke recognized this development early on and invested in the setup of an appropriately equipped IT department many years ago. Today, the IT services are grouped together in their own company, the LOGIS GmbH.

As well as programmers and network experts, hardware experts also work here who can program, configure and make the devices from RFID chips to Google Glass usable for logistics processes.

Global Infrastructure

Global networks without borders are not only our strength in logistics but in IT as well. With technologies such as MPLS or internet VPN, or via cloud solutions, we can make it possible to transfer information quickly and safely. Our systems are hosted centrally in the cloud or, if necessary, locally, and are predestined for 24/7 use through highly available operating concepts. Our Service Desk is available around the clock in the case of any interruptions to the availability.

Intelligent solutions for your process optimization

Our specialists analyze complex, integrated processes and point out optimization potential to you. Our sound, broad process knowledge, combined with IT competence, helps our customers to work even more successfully. Whether existing processes or a new “greenfield” project – we develop intelligent solution concepts for you with the latest available technology.

Among other things, we offer you

  • IT Consulting
  • Logistics applications on the basis of SAP R/3
  • System solutions for the planning and management of transport networks
  • High customer and supplier integration via B2B and web portals
  • JIT/JIS management using our own, worldwide tried and tested software
  • High technological penetration through the use of RFID, augmented reality, cloud computing, Pick-by-Point, Pick-by-Voice, etc.


In-house system solutions for logistics

Our experts develop our own system solutions for logistics, from simple warehouse management systems to complex logistics solutions. Our in-house SJS (Schnellecke JIT System) development has an SAP interface and ensures that just-in-sequence call-offs

  • control conventional picking,
  • control kit picking,
  • deliver production orders to the module assembly line, and
  • control sub-suppliers.

A universal interface was programmed on the basis of the SJS so that every other subsystem can dock on and be controlled, for example Pick-by-Voice or Pick-by-Light. These system solutions were awarded the “elogistics award” by AKJ Automotive.

The Schnellecke Warehouse System (SWS), Schnellecke’s in-house developed warehouse management system that is especially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized projects in the field of module assemblies & sequences, and supply logistics, is also based on the technical foundation of the SJS and can be combined with it at any time.

Increased use of RFID

We have developed our own system for the use of RFID in module assembly. When a partially assembled product is transferred from the first to the second assembly zone, the picking system there is activated via RFID. The complete system was programmed by us in-house. The process stability was greatly increased by the integration of RFID. The parts are recorded on an RFID basis already when unloaded from the truck in Incoming Goods, and the dispatch notification EDI data is coupled with the Vehicle ID. The data on the part then goes through the complete subassembly process, where the finishing takes place. As soon as the call off for certain vehicle models comes from the line, the modules are automatically recognized through the coupling of vehicle and parts ID. On the production line, an additional RFID reader records that the module is now available and can be installed.

PnP Logistics 4.0

PnP Logistics 4.0 is a framework developed by Schnellecke in-house that has the goal of providing a broad range of logistics processes and technologies through a high level of automation and autonomization on demand.

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Augmented Reality

Schnellecke has been working with augmented reality technologies at several company sites for many years.

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Internet of Things

In the connected supply chain, autonomously controlled objects are taking on tasks for which human operators used to be responsible.

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Schnellecke Cloud

In the connected supply chain, autonomously controlled objects are taking on tasks for which human operators used to be responsible.

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Schnellecke(ed) is an innovative new platform which serves the integration of technologies of different manufacturers.

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Schnellecke now uses industrial robots at several sites.

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Schnellecke supports the search for alterative truck drives – for example through the participation in research projects.

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Multi-JIS 4.0

Schnellecke is driving automation further forward with the Multi-JIS 4.0 concept.

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