The Schnellecke Spirit: our core values

In recent years, the Schnellecke Group has grown by more than thirty percent. The Schnellecke Spirit has provided an important contribution to this development. Its values, which are an expression of the corporate culture of the family-owned Schnellecke, are an economically important success factor. They have been lived and further developed by the Schnellecke family since the company’s formation in 1939 and are the core values of the Schnellecke Group.

As a third-generation family-owned company, we do not think in quarterly periods but in the long term. Responsibility is not shifted onto others but taken on, because it is exactly the values of the family that make the company strong.

Orientation through the Schnellecke Spirit

The Schnellecke Spirit and the corporate values and standards of conduct defined within it are guides for work practices, customer contacts, and corporate governance. They give the direction for the actions and conduct of all Schnellecke employees worldwide and connect them to each other. They form the basis for decisions and consequently provide a common approach and orientation.

The Schnellecke Spirit was not dictated from top to bottom but developed in cooperation with employees at all levels from around the world in a long discussion process. In the course of internal campaigns, the values have been repeatedly made the subject of discussion. When you walk through the company’s buildings, you will find life-sized posters everywhere on which employees express themselves on these values.

Of course these values have to be adjusted to changing environmental conditions. The Schnellecke Spirit has therefore been modified several times in the past without, however, ever changing its core.

Schnellecke Spirit

The current version of the Schnellecke Spirit briefly summarizes the core values of our company.

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