Project Management

Schnellecke's Project Management facilitates the successful completion of internal and external projects. It unites requirements and expectations with the project team, thus creating a common basis for the success of the project while taking into account time, costs and performance.

The employee qualification is based on the globally approved IPMA standard, as is the in-house developed Schnellecke Project Management System.

In order to ensure quality and Schnellecke's own standards, Project Management and Start-up Management go hand in hand. Using quality gates and a phase plan, the team ensures smooth start-ups and the success of the projects. For clear focus and monitoring, Schnellecke uses a global digital live tool to track the status of all projects. This digital solution increases productivity and efficiency for all project management processes. The projects are displayed in the tool over their entire duration, from project preparation to project completion and evaluation. Time Management, Risk and Change Management, project goals, project documentation, controlling, and reporting are all mapped. For maximum transparency, the documentation is also digital and traceable.


Project Management & Ramp-Up Management

Project Management EN


Core Stages of the Schnellecke Project Management System

Core Stages Schnellecke Project Management System


Core phases of the Ramp-up Management

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