Digitalization has become an important value-adding factor – also in logistics. However, current studies show that although logistics companies now frequently use technologies such as warehouse management software, tablets or Google Glass, these are mostly local isolated solutions. A comprehensive framework is seldom found. That’s why Schnellecke has now developed Schnellecke iX+.



Schnellecke iX+
Architecture for a new kind of logistics

We understand digitali­zation to be more than just a series of individ­ual measures to auto­mate processes. Our goal is to combine all processes in a cloud­based, dynamic, and largely au­tonomous, self­organizing IT architec­ture that continuously optimizes the processes on its own.
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Digital Control Tower

The Digital Control Tower is the heart of the self-optimizing digital warehouse.
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Schnellecke Cloud

For the implementation of digital processes, cloud technologies are at the heart of the digital transformation.
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Wearable Computing

Schnellecke has been working with wearable computing technologies for many years.
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Internet of things

In the Connected Supply Chain, self-controlling objects take over tasks that used to be the responsibility of human operators.
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Artificial intelligence will play a central role in the logistics of the future, especially when it comes to self-optimization of processes.
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Schnellecke now uses industrial robots at several locations.
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Robotic Process Automation

Software robots for the office are created in Schnellecke's new RPA Competence Center.
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Schnellecke supports the further development of alternative drives - for example by participating in research projects.
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