Module assemblies and sequences

Module assemblies are taking on a more and more important role in the logistics process chain of the automotive industry. Schnellecke has developed industry-leading unique selling points in this field. We assemble individual components to complete modules in our supply centers in close proximity to our customers. Our Project Planning is usually responsible for the development of the assembly process.


Logistics Hall Of Fame 1a

"Always be one step ahead, that’s my motto"

Rolf Schnellecke inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame.
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Schnellecke: Originator of Value-Added logistics 

In 1990, Schnellecke was the first logistics service provider to take on the then highly innovative assembly of door and side panels, thus breaking new ground in the industry. The project became a blueprint for modern value-added logistics and, often copied, is still the standard in automotive logistics today. For this groundbreaking achievement, Rolf Schnellecke was inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame in 2018.

“With value-added logistics, Rolf Schnellecke broke completely new ground in the freight forwarding industry and, with great foresight, developed a successful business model that has shaped an entire industry. It would be unimaginable for the automotive industry today to do without these logistics services,” said Anita Würmser, managing jury chair of the Logistics Hall of Fame, explaining the decision of the international expert jury. She added that Rolf Schnellecke can claim to have significantly influenced and developed automotive logistics beyond the boundaries of his company. “His early approaches to adding value to pure transport and warehousing processes and to offering services and production activities as an outsourcing partner are visionary and had a groundbreaking influence on automotive logistics,” the jury statement read.



A radiator  every minute

At Schnellecke in Bremen, we ensure that parts and modules are installed at the right time on the assembly line of the customer.
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