Corporate Social Responsibility at Schnellecke: More than just three words


Sustainability has been a consistent principle at Schnellecke since the founding of the company. 

Corporate social responsibility is therefore not new territory for us but everyday reality. Good working conditions and fair wages are not only a matter of course in Germany but also in all countries in which we operate. We also expect the same commitment from our business partners.

  • We globally observe the internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the principles set down in the UN Global Compact. Our actions contribute to their protection and promotion.
  • We prohibit every form of child and forced labor and do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, political or union affiliation, age, gender or any form of disability.
  • We offer our employees various further education and professional development options.
  • Comprehensive risk avoidance and health protection are central concerns for us.

Environmental protection plays an equally important role for us. The efficient use of energy and the avoidance of unnecessary environmental impacts are, especially for a logistics company, a central factor – for economic viability as well. We use technological advances to continuously reduce emissions.

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The protection of natural resources is a topic that the Schnellecke Group is strongly concerned with.
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Social issues

The employees play an important role in logistics in general and at Schnellecke in particular.
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Corporate Citizenship

Schnellecke employees are regularly involved in the social environment and contribute to making the community worth living in.
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The report

The Schnellecke Group Sustainability Reports are containing numerous details about the sustainability policies of our company.
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