In-house logistics for semiconductor manufacturing

In-house logistics for semiconductor manufacturing

Schnellecke is responsible for the in-house logistics for a worldwide leading manufacturer of power semiconductors in Dresden.

Industrie 3

Highest demands on logistics for fully automated cleanroom production

For Schnellecke, the logistics service begins at goods receipt with the acceptance and repacking of the goods in the logistics center. Prioritized goods are a challenge. They must be made available at the point of need within only 60 minutes. In the so-called wafer warehouse, Schnellecke employees take over the careful storage and retrieval of the very sensitive wafers.  Schnellecke also takes care of the placement of the wafers into the production; due to the very high safety requirements in clean room protective clothing.

The supervision of the spare parts warehouse requires a high degree of flexibility from Schnellecke, especially in the short-term 24/7 provision of spare parts for production. For the internal transport between transfer points, locks and warehouses, Schnellecke uses the most modern equipment, for example electric transporters but also indoor tractors and outdoor route trains. Finally, in the outgoing goods department, Schnellecke organizes the process chain from packing to booking to shipping the goods, taking into account the high material and air freight safety requirements.