Moin Future - for the area of training, it's "film off" once again

Moin Future - for the area of training, it's "film off" once again

A very appealing initiative of the IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg, which was offered to us for our training location in Soltau (in the Heidekreis) by Schnellecke Logistics Verpackung GmbH.

What is Moin Future? 

A training campaign by the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the region of North-East Lower Saxony with the aim of attracting more school leavers to dual training. To this end, a target group-oriented campaign was developed and implemented to draw attention to good training and associated regional career opportunities and to arouse interest. The campaign focuses on films about apprentices, who talk to a mentor with professional experience about the reasons for deciding to undergo training, the first steps and (professional) everyday life. 

After an agreement between the Personnel/Recruiting department and our contact person at the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and further on an internal agreement, a decision was made very quickly - we are in! 

At the Soltau location, the protagonists were selected: a trainee - a specialist for warehouse logistics from the first year of training, the head of quality assurance and the administrative department manager and trainer. The process was accompanied by our senior consultant from the Human Resources/Recruiting department and the team leader of the training department. 

This was followed - via online conference - by an initial interview with the IHK representative, the contact person of the film team and our team. 

On 10 June the time had come, it was "Film off" and the filming followed. An eventful day for all involved. 

We are looking forward to the result, which will be made available to us shortly. Then you will hear from us again.