Trainee webinar on the topic "Healthy Start - Motivation

Trainee webinar on the topic "Healthy Start - Motivation

From theory to practice: Motivation to take away for Schnellecke trainees.

"He who wants something finds ways. He who does not want, finds reasons" - Albert Camus (philosopher) 

With this quote, our first year trainees at the Wolfsburg and Soltau sites were welcomed by the lecturer Michael Fraenkel from Moove GmbH to our webinar as part of the "AzubiFIT Programme" on the subject of "Healthy Start - Motivation". Mr Fraenkel, who was accompanied by the Barmer health insurance company, guided our trainees through the contents of the webinar both professionally and practically. 

In view of the Corona pandemic, this webinar was the starting signal to hold seminars and meetings online in the future, also for trainees across locations. The current situation around the pandemic also provided a basis for mutual exchange. For this purpose, our trainees received some tips and tricks on how to work better from home. For example, they were advised to use a tidy workplace, such as a desk. For the first time, the trainees were also able to test the new access to Microsoft teams. 

In addition to the theoretical part, for example the different types of motivation, the participants asked themselves the question of how they can motivate themselves for everyday life. 

In this webinar our trainees dealt with the following topics: 

  • Basics: Motivation 
  • Motivation: Why now? 
  • Motivation models 
  • Strengthen intrinsic motivation 
  • Motivational speeches 

The participants were not promised too much: the feedback on the webinar was quite positive. Our trainees were able to take home some tips and tricks for everyday life in the form of a digital handouts. While some of the trainees were going to prepare checklists in the future to help them achieve their own goals, others wanted to find supporters for new projects. The first webinar for our trainees was thus successfully completed. We are looking forward to further online seminars and meetings that Schnellecke will make possible for its trainees.