Digital Control Tower

The Digital Control Tower (DCT) is the heart of the digital warehouse. What exactly does an employee do when picking? When exactly does an autonomous truck have to pick up the tugger train? Will the supplier's truck be on time when there is black ice outside? Which container is currently located where? There is a vast amount of data that has to be collected in real time in order to map what goes on in the production hall and beyond.

The Digital Control Tower is the digital twin of the world in the warehouse and beyond, a virtual representation of reality. This is where all information from the warehouse and the processes running in it are brought together. 

Therefore, the picking solutions developed by Schnellecke are no longer stand-alone solutions, but part of an integrated whole. The DCT enables the visualization via dashboards in order to quickly assess what is happening in the warehouse and to be able to take time-critical ad-hoc measures.

The data required for this is collected, for example, by sensors that report the location of an object at any time, whether it is a small bin or large container, the condition of a machine, or the number of goods in the buffer. This data forms the basis for all further steps.


SEL Grafik DCT2

DCT enters pilot phase

The Digital Control Tower links all available information and processes.
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