The next step: Schnellecke iX+ai 

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a central role in the logistics of the future, especially when it comes to the self-optimization of processes. However, AI algorithms can also play an important role in seemingly trivial tasks, for example when it comes to optimally loading a truck with packages of different sizes and shapes.    

Schnellecke promotes the use of artificial intelligence (AI) under the working title Schnellecke iX+ai, for example for real-time simulations to predict critical events.  

Simulation models determine results about the dynamic behavior of a system for given parameters. Due to the often not fully visible relationship between result variables and parameters of a logistics system, manual optimization is difficult or only possible for the observed application case without any claim to general validity. 

With the digital twin, the field of simu­lation is experiencing a new boost in signifi­cance. The nearly identical digital representation of a system under observation enables the learning, further learning, and re­learning of AI­supported algorithms in the event of changes in the logistics environment with correspondingly comprehensive data in­put. Only in this way will the entire system be able to actively and quickly adapt from its own substance to sudden and unforeseeable changes in the system environment in the future.


Self-controlling material flow

Ultimately, Schnellecke iX+ai has the vision of a material flow that controls itself independently and is highly robust against disruptions and unforeseeable changes. But it will be some time before this happens, because other stations in a supply chain, including customers, transport­ers and suppliers, have to be included in the system.

The first partial successes, such as the manufacturer-­independent control system for AGVs – TransportControl, can already be reported. The use of intelligent algorithms and integration through universal interfaces to the intralogistics systems alone will make the processes more effective and leaner.


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Intelligent algorithm optimizes warehouse

Together with Fraunhofer, Schnellecke develops processes to increase the efficiency of storage space.
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