Electromobility and autonomous driving

Ejit Porsche 5

Traditionally, trucks and tractor-trailers are used as the means of transport in the supply chain of industry. In warehouses, forklifts and tugger trains move the goods. The challenge in terms of environmental protection and sustainability is to reduce emissions of exhaust gases, CO2, and noise in road traffic around production sites and within factory premises.

To this end, Schnellecke has participated in several research projects in recent years. Our goal is to find an optimal balance between the increased costs of electric vehicles and more cost efficiency through autonomous driving. This combination of two cutting-edge technologies can provide an answer to the growing demands on transport logistics.

Schnellecke already uses autonomous tugger trains at selected sites, and carries out intra-plant transports with electrically driven vehicles.


Routenzug In Landshut

Emission-free in Landshut

In Landshut, Schnellecke ensures production supply at the customer’s components plant with electric drives. 
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