Robotic Process Automation: Automation in the office

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Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, describes the automated handling of structured business processes by digital software robots. RPA enables the automation of repetitive and rule-based processes and tasks performed by humans. This increases process speed and process reliability and relieves employees of monotonous and non-value-adding tasks. 

With the help of RPA scouts, the Robotic Process Automation Competence Center at Schnellecke identifies administrative processes that are suitable for automation. This can be as simple a process as forwarding incoming invoices by e-mail to the right place in the accounting department as it can be the regular reconciliation of receivables and payables among the various Schnellecke companies. Following the successful launch in Germany, additional RPA Competence Centers are now being established in other regions of the world. 




Watson on the case

In Schnellecke's new RPA Competence Center, software robots are created for the office.
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