Schnellecke iX+ - Architecture for a new kind of logistics

Digital logistics for the smart supply chain

Digitalization has become an important value-adding factor – also in logistics. However, current studies show that although logistics companies now frequently use technologies such as warehouse management software, tablets or Google Glass, these are mostly local isolated solutions. A comprehensive framework is seldom found. That’s why Schnellecke has now developed Schnellecke iX+. 

"We understand digitali­zation to be more than just a series of individ­ual measures to auto­mate processes,” emphasizes Karsten Keil, head of IT at Schnellecke. “Our goal is to combine all processes in a cloud­based, dynamic, and largely au­tonomous, self­organizing IT architec­ture that continuously optimizes the processes on its own.”

According to Keil, the prerequi­sites for this are reliable data analyses and visualizations. This is the only way to control and optimize material flows in real time and to identify and solve problems. Parts of this work are in­dependently taken over by intelligent devices that communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT). 

“We already have many individu­al solutions in use, ranging from Goog­le Glass and the cloud to the IoT,” says Keil. “But so far we have lacked the overall framework. With Schnellecke iX+, we are on the verge of creating a framework that combines many in­dividual measures into an integrated whole. The “i” stands for intelligent, the “X” for transparency (x­ray) and the plus sign for the next stage of development. “In the future, the focus will be on increasing productivity and ensuring transparency and flexibility along the supply chain. The integration and net­working of all intralogistics systems still offers considerable potential for this,” says Dr. Abaid Goda, Managing Director of the Schnellecke joint ven­ture GS Fleetcontrol. 

Schnellecke iX+ forms the framework for logistics networked in real time and stands for transparency, security, efficiency, and for the reduction of damage and error costs. Thus Schnellecke iX+ offers the best possible support for operations and administration.

The basis for this is the complete transpar­ency of all events that influence a process. Only when one knows what happens or will happen at which point at any given time can the system or the person who controls it react accordingly and preventively.