Order picking with the most modern methods


Continuous process optimization is especially essential for efficient order picking since global competition demands the highest efficiency, from systems as well as from people.

We are pioneers in the use of IT and in the application of lean methods for the continuous optimization of order picking processes. This enables us to accelerate processes, reduce errors, save resources, and better utilize the potential of our employees.

As well as solutions developed in-house, such as with xBand or augmented reality, we work with 

  • Pick-by-Vision
  • Pick-by-Point
  • Pick-by-Voice
  • Pick-by-Frame
  • Pick-by-Scan

The picking processes are also supported by the use of autonomous conveyor vehicles (AGV) and robots in the warehouse. 



Picking for the SUMA with the K-device 

In Landshut, Schnellecke ensures the supply of the customers component assembly plant with innovative methods.
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