Schnellecke offers two new IT training occupations

Schnellecke offers two new IT training occupations

Digitisation is a challenge for companies and thus also a component of training.

Seldom is another occupational group confronted with the topic of "digitisation" as strongly as that of the IT sector. Due to the increased digitisation of work and business processes, the growing relevance of IT security as well as data protection and technical innovations in the fields of hardware and software, the world of work is also changing continuously. 

For these reasons, the training regulations for IT occupations have been renewed and with effect from 1 August 2020 there will be two new IT training occupations at Schnellecke: "IT specialist for data and process analysis" and "Management assistant in digitisation management", which will replace the occupation of "information technology officer". 

The training occupation "Management Assistant in Digitisation Management" aims on the one hand at the development of IT solutions, optimisation of existing IT systems and the implementation of quality assurance measures. This includes the analysis of value chains and the drafting of IT contracts. 

IT specialists for data and process analysis, on the other hand, concentrate on the analysis of important processes in business and production management and present their results. In addition, they compare and select tools for process optimisation, identify and classify data sources or check and provide data. 

What will change with the newly designed training regulations? 

Topics relating to IT security or data protection will be highlighted and further developed. In addition to the adjustments to content, an extended final examination will be introduced. This consists of Part I (intermediate examination) and Part II. Both parts are included in the overall result with their results, at fixed percentages.