Second generation of IHK training ambassadors

Second generation of IHK training ambassadors

Standing in the starting blocks, our trainees are now waiting for their first practical assignment as the next generation of IHK training ambassadors.

The IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg offers apprentices an annual further training course from April to September to become IHK training ambassadors. To ensure that our trainees are optimally prepared for this exciting activity, they first take part in a two-day IHK training course. The focus of the first day of training was on communication and presentation techniques. In the time between the first and second training day, two or three of them prepared presentations for practical use. The presentations were intended to provide comprehensive information about Schnellecke, our training professions and further training opportunities and were subsequently practised on the second day of training. For this purpose, our trainees received detailed constructive feedback with suggestions for improvement, which are to be implemented by the time of the first practical assignment. 

What is the next step? 

The practical assignments include, among other things, visits to various schools which have previously registered with the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry for a school event. In principle, such events are offered for pupils in grades 8 to 10 and some older years of vocational schools. At these school events, they are given the opportunity to take part in an exchange of experiences with our training ambassadors and to have "conversations at eye level". Both the pupils and our trainees benefit from the programme of the IHK training ambassadors: the former receive the necessary support from us in their professional orientation and our trainees can further develop their personal skills. 

Whether the practical assignments can really take place this year depends on the current situation of the Corona pandemic. Some schools have already announced their participation in the IHK school events for the autumn and, like all of us, hope that the dates will be met. 

"We are delighted to be able to inspire the pupils of Schnellecke and can hardly wait to take part in our first practical assignments. We have been well prepared by the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and with the help of the feedback we have received, we will be able to optimise our presentations again by then. We would like to thank everyone involved for the opportunity to become an IHK training ambassador! - is the summary of the participants.