We redefine logistics and make it happen

This is a high standard that we are working hard to achieve in order to deliver on this value proposition.

Production: from simple to complex

Welding assemblies are taking on a more and more important role in the logistics process chain of the automotive industry. This requires special expertise.

The bespoke suit for your logistics real estate

Schnellecke Real Estate is the real estate specialist of the Schnellecke Group that provides its customers with the entire expertise of the Schnellecke logistics experts for their construction projects.

Help for Children, Adolescents and Senior Citizens

Since its foundation in 2000, the Margarete Schnellecke Foundation has been active in social support for senior citizens as well as children and young people in the Wolfsburg area.

Smart solutions. Creating value. Worldwide.

Warehousing, production supply, component assembly, packaging logistics, distribution logistics, and transportation – Schnellecke offers its customers the entire spectrum of logistics all over the world.

  • Supply logistics: Our services include material supply of production with vendor parts and modules, warehouse management and order picking, sequencing, JIT/JIS transports, line feeding, container and empties management, and the entire material flow management.
  • Packaging logistics: The packaging of parts in shipment sizes for the transport to foreign production plants and the complex spare parts logistics, including the complete shipping organization and the necessary IT processing, are one of Schnellecke’s core competences.
  • Sequencing and picking: We sequence parts and assemblies for numerous global brands at our multi-JIS centers located close to the plants, and deliver them to the point of assembly on the production line.
  • Module assembly: We are a respected system partner for many major manufacturers, taking on the responsibility for the development of the assembly and delivery process, reliably assembling components worldwide, and delivering them just-in-sequence to the production lines.
  • Distribution logistics: You will receive the complete spectrum of distribution logistics from Schnellecke. We manage the warehouse, whether with or without a refrigerated section, handle the goods receiving, storage and picking of goods based on the customers’ orders, and deliver them reliably.
  • Transport logistics: We offer our customers a close networking between logistics and freight forwarding. We solve your transport tasks individually and efficiently by using the most modern equipment, the latest IT, numerous innovations, and with a high degree of standardization.